Mind, body, and soul. 

While I’m on my gap year between undergrad and grad school, I’ve decided to take care of myself fully. When I was an undergrad and working full time, taking time out of my day to work on myself was impossible! In fact, oftentimes when dealing with issues (relationships, family, health) I never had time to heal and process everyting which has left me with baggage. 

At times I found myself pondering about previous guys I once dated, family issues, remembering bad situations and it sparks up negative thinking about myself. While seeing a therapist regularly, she suggested I take up hobbies to get my mind focus on positive thoughts instead of filling it with doubt and ugly thoughts (one of the downsides of anxiety/depression). To take care of my mind, I’ve taking up hobbies and gotten back into things I like to do. Some of my new hobbies include blogging, journaling, reading, and cooking. I’ve started doing aerial yoga again and I’m in love!! 

With the extra time on my hands, I’ve gotten a gym membership and a trainer. I had one while in college (shout out to CSUB and K.O) but now I’m taking into account what I’m eating. As I’m getting older and my families history of heart disease, I need to make sure I limit my fried and junk food. The small steps I’ve been doing is making sure I drink enough water, more fruits and veggies, and proper portion control. Small steps now= better health tomorrow. 

I can say over the past year, my soul has been dimmed. Between issues with my family, men, and battling my own demons, I soul wasn’t healthy. In the past I found an app for mediate that helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, after the initial free trial, I thought I was fine and never tried meditation again. With my mental health and relationships getting worse, I decided to pick it back up. I benefited from mediation by being able to think more clearly, be more calm, and less anxious. Since I’m out of college, I’ve decided to get more religious too by actually reading the Bible and praying during the day. My next step is to join a bible study group. 

To whoever is reading this going through it, just know it gets better. 

Working on me for me,


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