I’ve noticed for the past month I’ve been the victim of mansplaining. 

  1. I went out with a friend and he took time out of our night to explain his view points and his opinion about me. He kept mentioning how he’s older and I haven’t experienced life. I think the night went left when I decided to express my opinion when it was unsolicited. I think that’s what sparked his tirade. It was weird because he said he wasn’t effected by my comment but he kept bringing it up. 
  2. I was dating a guy who worked for Northwestern Mutual (don’t ever do business with them, thank me later) and I mentioned to him if we are dating we shouldn’t do business together. In the process, he mentioned how I needed to grow up, it’s best if I continue business with him, and get it together. (He didn’t know me well enough to make his claims) At this point I just talked to his boss instead of him. With conversing with his boss, I told him I didn’t want to work with his company. His boss ended up insulting me via text and telling me how I wasn’t mature and he knew I wasn’t serious about doing business with them. (Again his boss didn’t know me either) 
  3. I have a brother who tried to tell me about myself , how I wasn’t living my life correctly, and what I need to do. (I put myself through college while he had to support his in laws)

I think being a woman of color and young, men find the need to explain themselves to me. I lied, men always want to mansplain themselves. I find it annoying. Also, I’ve noticed that when I speak up for myself it’s an issue. 

I am unapologetic and uncensored. As a woman of color, if I speak my mind I have an attitude or am a b*tch. I feel when women speak up for themselves it’s such an issue; men don’t like it (well the ones I have interacted with). Now the debate is do I censor myself to not be a threat to men? Nope. 

In conclusion, I feel that men have this biological need to explain everything to women especially when women disagree with them. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m single, I don’t allow men to explain themselves to me 😂

*I promise this isn’t an anti men post, I love men*
Somewhere under a fan trying to stay cool,


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