Recalibrate yourself 

As I’m in this journey to happiness, I believe that sometimes you need a change of scenery to get your mind right. With that being said, I went to Pismo Beach, CA.

While making the drive I got lost in the views of the landscapes. As a Californian, I forget all the jewels my state has. I’m blessed to live somewhere that I can visit a beach, mountains, desert, and vineyards all in a two hour spand. 

When I arrived, all of my worries were lifted from my shoulders. My only worries were: “Did I bring sunblock?” “Did I bring chapstick?” and “Where did a park the car?”
I got there at 10am and there wasn’t much activity going on at the beach so I took in the sounds and meditated. I thanked God for the beach. As I watched the waves move, I compared them to life; either you learn to ride the wave when it’s calm or rough, or you will fall and crash everytime. 

Overall, I enjoyed myself. It was a nice get away. The weather was nice, I got a darker (and sunburnt), enjoyed some salt water taffy, and went to San Antonio Winery (they make Stella Rosa). 

I think part of taking care of yourself, we all need an opportunity to see something different for the day whether it be a big city, museums, or exploring local hiking trails. It helps to refresh our mental health and spirits. 

Below are pictures from my trip 😌🌊

Somewhere putting Aloe Vera on my sunburn,


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