Let go and grow

Lately I've been working on mental and physical growth.

I've been more active in taking care of myself by getting rid of dead weight. You can't grow a rose if you have weeds all around it.

I used to believe that you should be loyal to people who've been friends with or relatives even though they haven't treated you the best. I'm in this mentality: if you are blocking me from my happiness, I'm cutting you off.

I've been blocking people on social media (well I had a friend do it for me to avoid lurking, thanks Leena). In addition, I have been blocking numbers and not responding to texts. There's no need to text people or see what people are doing on social media, it messes with my personal happiness.

When it comes to men who take an interest in me and they immediately start asking for pictures or asking sexual questions, I immediately block because they don't want to get to know my mind, they want to know my body.

For my physical growth, I've decided to take up activities and push my body out of my comfort zone in the gym. I recently went to a hot yoga class solo; originally I decided to go with my friends but they cancelled last minuet. I was tempted to not attend because I didn't know anyone and I'm shy but I took the plunge and went.

I'm proud of myself for doing it because I'm opening myself up to meet more people and experience more things alone. In addition, the older I get I realizing that I have to do things alone and get over my shyness.

While in the gym, I never liked doing cardio; I hate cardio. Lately I've been pushing my body by running faster, sprinting, and running outside and battling the heat. It's a mental game, just because my legs hurt doesn't mean I don't have anymore gas in me to run another quarter mile or sprint for another 10 seconds.

In conclusion, I'm happy I'm realizing that my happiness comes first and I'm getting rid of things and people that don't bring me happiness. I'm also happy that I'm pushing myself mentally to be stronger.

Working on myself so I can grow,

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