Progression and change

I was talking to an old flame and we were catching up on our lives. I told him how I started working at a new job, graduated from college, and started a journey of self discovery. He has been doing the same thing since we stopped talking six months which was nothing.

At one point I told him that I no longer had an interest of remaining friends due to the fact of how he isn't progressing; he's kinda stagnant.

To me, progress doesn't have to be big such as dropping 50 pounds in a month, it can be small as dropping ten pounds in 6 months. Some progress is better than none.

In the process of becoming a better me, I'm realizing that I can't be around people who like to live in the past and have no comment about their future. My father likes to bring up the past but he's has been doing the same thing for the last 30 years? (maybe a little more) and he doesn't discuss is future.

As humans, we grow physically. We aren't in diapers forever, we grow taller, so it's expected to change mentally.

When I see people who don't have desire to progress in life, it saddens me. At that point, I see it as they will hinder me from my progression/ or become dead weight.

I've expressed in the past you are who you hang out with… a certain extent. What I mean is that you can pick up habits from your friends and depending who your friends are, it can be good or bad.

In conclusion, I'm realizing in the process of progression, I have had to make changes and extinguish old behaviors.

Working on my own progress and trying to not compare my progress to others,

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