It’s been awhile.

So much has been going on with me and I want to share.

  1. I bought a car; 2017 Kia Forte (I named it Kelly)
  2. I got therapist of the month.
  3. My anxiety and depression has been better lately.

I give the thanks to God. I've been praying for a car since April. I wanted a new car so bad and I would get so discouraged about my car; I couldn't even take me car to the beach because I feared I would get stranded.
My uni owed me money (I was super shocked), I took my money I had from graduation, and used my old as a down payment and I got it. I drove off with 21 miles on it.

When I became a therapist, I struggled. I was unsure I would be successful. I prayed to God and spoke it into existence that I would be better. I got therapist of the month; I'm happy my higher ups notice my work.

Knowing that I'm doing better in my job career and my car won't break down on me has caused me to be happier. I've been taking my antidepressants every other day and I haven't had any side effects (I feel fine).

Prayer is the solution. I prayed, been patient, and gave it to God. I've just been blessed. By doing that, I've been less angry and my mental health has been better. I've also changed my actions. I'm not perfect but I'm trying.

Part of finding yourself is getting in touch with your spiritual side regardless of what you believe.

To anyone going through it, I say pray pray pray!

Praying for you,

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