Fall vibes…

I’m happy about fall being here. For me, fall brings opportunities for new memories to be made and honestly more chances to eat pumpkin pie and homemade chili.

It’s crazy how at this time last year I was seeing someone. I legit thought I was gonna marry the guy (forgive me I was young and dumb).

As “cuffing season” is among us, I don’t feel the need to be cuffed. To be honest, I don’t wanna be cuffed. I don’t really have the want to be in a relationship or have a boo or whatever. I just wanna chill and vibe and eat good.

I’m looking at my personal growth: I’m happy I’m being smarter but I do have things I want to work on. For example, sometimes I take criticism and I let it consume me and I freeze up. It’s like I can’t function; my mind just freezes. I associate it with my anxiety issues which I’m working on.

Goals for this season is to just continue to grow in all aspects of life and remind myself it’s okay to have bad days. There’s good with the bad. Most important, keep God first.

Side note: I’m currently in the process of applying for grad school. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

Wishing I was eating sweet potato pie and homemade chili beans,


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